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Rotor design and matching for horizontal axis wind turb Rotor design and matching for horizontal axis wind turbines KD 35

Windmill rotors were designed at that time using reports which are now difficult to obtain. After CWD ceased to function in July 1990, I started my own private engineering office Kragten Design (KD), specialising in the development of small electricity generating windmills and in providing a wind energy consultancy service. I wrote many reports on generator tests and also a report on matching windmill rotor and generator. I decided to write and publish this report KD 35, because I believe there is a need for such a report in which the basic knowledge of rotor design and matching is brought together, so that only one report is necessary to design a windmill rotor. The most important reports which I used are:

  1. Horizontal axis fast running wind turbines for developing countries, CWD publication 76-1 (ref. 9.1).
  2. Rotor Design for horizontal axis windmills, CWD publication 77-1 (ref. 9.2).
  3. Catalogue of Aerodynamic Characteristics of Aerofoils in the Reynolds number range 104-106, TUE report R 443 D, (ref. 9.3).
  4. The Gö 622, Gö 623, Gö 624 and Gö 625 airfoils with thickness/chord ratios of respectively 8 %, 12 %, 16 % and 20 % for use in windmill rotor blades, report KD463 (ref. 9.4).
  5. Rotor Design part 2, TUE report R 1078 D, (ref. 9.5).
  6. Rotors, TUE report (has no R number), (ref. 9.6).


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