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Wind rotor blade construc Wind rotor blade construction
This research on small wind energy systems for battery charging is the result of a
collaborative effort involving numerous contributors.
The project was managed by Intermediate Technology (known as The Intermediate
Technology Development Group or ITDG) under a contract to the UK Department for
International Development.
The overall international project was co-ordinated by Dr Smail Khennas, Senior
Energy Specialist from ITDG with support from Simon Dunnett. The field work in Peru
and Sri Lanka were respectively managed by Teodoro Sanchez and Rohan Senerath.
Teodoro Sanchez Campos (ITDG Peru), Sunith Fernando (Sri Lanka) and Hugh Piggott (a
UK technical consultant for the project), are the authors of this booklet on the rotor
blade manufacture.
The views expressed in this report are those of the authors and do not necessarily
represent the views of the sponsoring organisations, the reviewers or the other


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Author Sunith Fernando & Hugh Piggott